Posted On: May 12, 2021

Amazon Athena users can now query databases and tables across AWS accounts through built-in support for AWS Glue Data Catalogs in other AWS accounts. Customers need a central data catalog to enable analysts and data scientists to access their data lake without the complexity of replicating catalog metadata in individual AWS accounts. Today’s release makes it easier to connect AWS Glue Data Catalogs in other accounts using the Athena console or API.

Native support for cross-account AWS Glue Data Catalogs with Amazon Athena makes it easier for customers to leverage their data lake for analytics. After the appropriate permissions are set up, users can register one or more catalogs with Amazon Athena and easily begin executing cross-account queries. To learn more about setting up permissions and cross-account access, see Registering an AWS Glue Data Catalog from Another Account.

Amazon Athena does not charge for cross-account catalog access, but standard AWS Glue Data Catalog charges apply. For more information on standard AWS Glue Data Catalog rates, visit the AWS Glue pricing page. To learn more about using AWS Glue with Amazon Athena, see Integration with AWS Glue.