Posted On: Jun 2, 2021

We recently updated Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer, a reference implementation that monitors Amazon WorkSpaces usage patterns and automatically updates the billing mode to the most cost-efficient option (hourly or monthly) depending on usage. The Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer solution saves customers time and money by autonomously managing Amazon WorkSpaces billing so customers can focus on their core business.

Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed, persistent desktop virtualization service that enables your users to access the data, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device. The service offers the flexibility to pay hourly or monthly without any up-front commitment. Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer solution helps customers with unpredictable WorkSpaces usage patterns to monitor use and control costs. The solution actively monitors WorkSpaces usage patterns against a threshold every 24 hours and automatically switches the billing mode from hourly to monthly if the usage exceeds the threshold limit. The solution also evaluates monthly usage patterns across each WorkSpace virtual desktop and resets it to the most cost-effective billing mode at the start of the next month.

Version 2.3 gives customers the flexibility to deploy the solution in an existing VPC.  We also improved the accuracy of billing hour calculations for WorkSpaces and enhanced reporting metadata. To get started with Amazon WorkSpaces Cost Optimizer, visit the AWS Solution Library or GitHub.