Posted On: Jun 23, 2021

AWS Control Tower announces enhancements to accessibility and improvements in both the console and overall performance of the service.

AWS Control Tower accessibility has been enhanced with improved keyboard navigation and labeling for screenreaders helping users with easier navigation. For example, JavaScript links have been converted to native HTML links for easier keyboard navigation, while human-friendly labels have been added so that screen-readers can convey the intent of tables, links and buttons on the AWS Control Tower console. The AWS Control Tower console experience has been enhanced by enabling search, sort, and the ability to filter on various pages. You can search for specific entries in a collection of resources by choosing properties, property values, or typing free text. You can identify guardrails by their release dates, and enable newly-released guardrails to enhance control of your accounts. If your business policies require you to store your data in specific AWS Regions, then you can confirm that AWS Control Tower provides controls for your resources and data in those Regions by checking if those Regions are listed on the account detail pages.

The performance of AWS Control Tower operations has also been enhanced allowing customers to take faster actions within AWS Control Tower operations. If you have configured AWS Control Tower to provide controls for your resources in multiple AWS Regions, then you can see reductions of up to 35% in the time taken to enable or disable an AWS Control Tower detective guardrail, to create a new account using AWS Control Tower Account Factory, to update an account that is enrolled with AWS Control Tower, or to Register or Re Register an organizational unit with AWS Control Tower. The performance enhancements depend on the number of regions monitored by AWS Control Tower, and on the number of AWS Control Tower detective guardrails enabled on the account or organizational unit.

While you can experience these enhancements in all versions of AWS Control Tower, it is recommended that customers not currently on version 2.7 perform a Landing Zone update to take advantage of other features such as Region Selection that are available in the latest version.

For a full list of Regions where AWS Control Tower is available, see the AWS Region Table. To learn more, visit the AWS Control Tower homepage or see the AWS Control Tower User Guide.