Posted On: Jul 29, 2021

Amazon Neptune announced support for openCypher, a popular query language for building applications with graph databases. Developers can now use openCypher with Amazon Neptune, giving them more choices to build or migrate graph applications to a highly available, secure, and fully managed graph database. Support for openCypher is compatible with our customers’ existing property graphs and developers can use both Apache TinkerPop Gremlin and openCypher queries within the same graph.

Customers like openCypher’s syntax, which is inspired by SQL, because it provides a familiar structure to compose queries for graph applications. With the addition of openCypher, Amazon Neptune now provides customers with that widest array of query language support including openCypher, Gremlin, and W3C SPARQL. Customers can use the openCypher and Gremlin query languages together over the same property graph data. Support for openCypher is compatible with the Bolt protocol, enabling customers to continue to run applications that use the Bolt protocol to connect to Neptune.

openCypher is available in lab mode in this release and is enabled by default. Neptune customers who use Gremlin can immediately start using openCypher to query their graphs. New customers can get started with loading and querying their data using openCypher. Customers migrating to Neptune can easily connect to the graph database and continue to use their existing openCypher queries to build and run graph applications.

Customers using openCypher have access to all Neptune features, such as the Neptune workbench, which now supports querying and visualizing results of openCypher queries. Support for openCypher is available in all regions where Neptune is supported, and there are no additional charges to use openCypher. To learn more, please visit the openCypher documentation page.