Posted On: Jul 30, 2021

Organizations continue to need options that rapidly enable users to work from any location and any computer while remaining secure and productive. To streamline deployments of Amazon WorkSpaces using WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP) without having to install a native client application, your users can now access Amazon WorkSpaces from supported web browsers on Windows, macOS, or Linux computers.

The new Amazon WorkSpaces web access experience is powered by the WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP), a cloud-native streaming protocol that enables a consistent user experience when your users access WorkSpaces across global distances and unreliable networks. Web access with WSP allows users to remain productive when connecting from computers where a web browser experience may be optimal, for example on personally-owned or locked-down devices where installing and maintaining a client application can be challenging.

You can get started with WSP by selecting WSP from the protocol drop down and choosing a Windows 10 Value, Standard, Performance, Power, or PowerPro bundle when creating a WorkSpace. To learn more, visit the Amazon WorkSpaces Administration Guide to Enable and configure Amazon WorkSpaces Web Access.

With this launch, Amazon WorkSpaces Web Access with WSP is generally available in AWS Regions where WorkSpaces is available today, excluding Asia Pacific (Mumbai) and GovCloud (US-West) Regions.