Posted On: Jul 1, 2021

We are excited to announce that Kendra Enterprise Edition is now offered in smaller more granular units to enable smaller workloads. The base Kendra Enterprise Edition (KEE) now starts at $1.40/h ($1,008/mo), offering the same functionality and availability at a smaller scale and cost. The base KEE now supports up to 100,000 documents and 8,000 searches per day, with adaptive bursting capability to better handle unpredictable query spikes. Similarly, the Virtual Storage Capacity units now offer scaling in increments of 100,000 documents (up to 30GB) per unit at $0.7/h. Our Virtual Query Units offer scaling increments of 8,000 queries per day at $0.7/h.

To promote more experimentation and development with Kendra, our Kendra Developer Edition is now priced at $1.125/h ($810/mo), offering the same capacity, features and functionality, at a lower price. For more details on our new pricing please visit our pricing page.