Posted On: Aug 20, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Amazon Forecast Weather Index is now also available in the Asia-Pacific region. Weather Index can increase your forecasting accuracy, by automatically including the latest local weather information in your demand forecasts with one click and at no extra cost. Weather conditions influence consumer demand patterns, product merchandizing decisions, staffing requirements and energy consumption needs – however - acquiring, cleaning, and effectively using live weather information for demand forecasting is challenging and requires ongoing maintenance. With this launch, customers who have been using Weather Index in the US, Canada, South America and Europe, can now, with one click to your demand forecast, also include 14-day weather forecasts for Asia-Pacific.

The Amazon Forecast Weather Index combines multiple weather metrics from historical weather events and current forecasts at a given location to increase your demand forecast model accuracy. Amazon Forecast uses machine learning to generate more accurate demand forecasts, without requiring any prior ML experience. Amazon Forecast brings the same technology used at to developers as a fully managed service, removing the need for developers to manage resources or re-build their systems.

To get started with this capability, see the details in our blog and go through the notebook in our GitHub repo that walks you through how to use the Amazon Forecast APIs to enable the Weather Index. You can use this capability in all Regions where Amazon Forecast is publicly available. For more information about Region availability, see Region Table.