Posted On: Aug 26, 2021

Amazon Rekognition is a machine learning (ML) based service that can analyze images and videos to detect objects, people, faces, text, scenes, activities, and inappropriate content. Celebrity Recognition makes it easy for customers to automatically recognize tens of thousands of well-known personalities in images and videos using ML. Celebrity recognition significantly reduces the repetitive manual effort required to tag produced media content and make it readily searchable. Starting today, customers can get higher accuracy (lower false detections and rejections) and increased coverage of global celebrities. In addition, customers get three new attributes for each celebrity recognized: presentation of gender, expression, and smile. This metadata helps further refine content search and filtering workflows. For example, customers can now easily search for images where a particular actor is smiling, or measure the coverage of female versus male celebrities in event photos to ensure fair representation.

With the rapid proliferation in the volume of image and video content available on video on demand (VOD), streaming, and social media platforms, media companies are struggling to organize, search, and fully leverage their catalogs at scale. Similarly, news channels often need to rapidly locate images and videos of a particular celebrity in response to current events, but insufficient metadata makes it tedious to search their libraries for the right clips. Sports broadcasters also find it hard to quickly find the right footage from games and interviews to create highlights, shorts, and special programming. With Amazon Rekognition, these customers can automatically tag large volumes of new or archival content to make it instantly searchable for a comprehensive set of international, widely known celebrities such as actors, sportspeople, and online content creators. Please note that celebrity recognition for Amazon Rekognition is designed to be exclusively used in cases where customers expect to find a known celebrity in a produced image or a video.

Celebrity Recognition updates for Amazon Rekognition Image are available today in all supported regions. Similar Celebrity Recognition updates for Amazon Rekognition Video will be made available at a later point in time. To get started, please read our blog, refer to our documentation, and download the latest AWS SDK.