Posted On: Sep 9, 2021

Amazon Braket, the AWS quantum computing service, now offers greater control over how quantum circuits are executed on quantum computers. With the new verbatim compilation feature, customers can now specify their circuits to run exactly as defined without any modification during the compilation process.

When developing quantum algorithms, users program primarily in abstract quantum circuits that specify a collection of gates to be executed. Quantum circuit compilation transforms an abstract quantum circuit into a compiled circuit that is optimized for a specific type of quantum hardware. During this optimization, the original circuit undergoes a compilation process that transforms the circuit through qubit allocation, reordering, and mapping to the native gates supported by the hardware. Researchers and quantum algorithm specialists, who are focused on hardware benchmarking or on developing error-mitigation protocols, need an ability to exactly specify the gates and circuit layouts that will be executed on their chosen quantum hardware. The new verbatim compilation capability gives users direct control over the compilation process by disabling certain optimization steps, thereby ensuring that their circuits are executed exactly as designed.

Amazon Braket users can indicate entire circuits or parts of them, for which they wish to turn off compilation, using a ‘verbatim box’ within the Amazon Braket SDK. This verbatim compilation feature is available for Rigetti quantum computers, which are currently available in AWS region US West 1 (N. California) on Amazon Braket. To learn more and get started, see the following resources: