Posted On: Sep 29, 2021

Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 makes data in your Amazon Redshift data warehouse and data lake more accessible with a web-based tool for SQL users such as data analysts, data scientists, and database developers. With Query Editor V2, users can explore, analyze, and collaborate on data. It reduces the operational costs of managing query tools by providing a web-based application that allows you to focus on exploring your data without managing your infrastructure.

End-users can now easily gain access to a web-based SQL editor using their Single Sign-on (SSO) provider without requiring privileges to access to the Amazon Redshift console. You can access the Query Editor V2 by navigating from the Redshift console or using a direct URL. 

Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 provides a powerful editor to author queries, user-defined functions, and stored procedures that you run on Amazon Redshift. It supports running multiple SQL statements at once and lets you view the results for each statement in separate tabs on the results pane. As a data analyst or data engineer, you can now use session variables and temporary tables in your queries. You can run long-running queries without having to leave your browser window open and retrieve the results later within 24 hours.

With the Query Editor V2, you can gain insight faster by performing in-place visual analysis of your data by switching to the charts view with a single click. Query Editor also enables you to collaborate with your team by enabling you to share your saved queries securely. It also helps you manage versions of your saved queries automatically.

The Query Editor V2 is available in all AWS commercial regions except AP-Northeast-3 region. To get started and learn more, read the documentation, watch this demo or read this blog post.