Posted On: Sep 30, 2021

Today, we are announcing that Amplify Geo for JavaScript is generally available, following our initial Developer Preview release in August. Amplify Geo enables frontend developers to quickly add location-aware features to their web applications. Extending existing Amplify use case categories like Auth, DataStore and Storage, Amplify Geo includes a set of abstracted client libraries built on top of Amazon Location Service, and includes ready-to-use map UI components based on the popular MapLibre open-source library. Amplify Geo also updates the Amplify Command Line Interface (CLI) tool to make it simple for people who aren’t familiar with AWS to achieve common mapping use cases by provisioning all required cloud services

With this release, developers can add modern, interactive maps with location markers to their production web apps, using geographical data sourced from Amazon Location Service. Developers can either add these maps to script tags in HTML pages with just a few lines of code, or bundle them into their React apps via an NPM package. Amplify Geo allows end-users to search for points of interest (POIs), business names, or street addresses, and have their results presented as both a list and as markers on a map. Amplify Geo also provides map styling capabilities, so developers can tweak embedded maps to complement their apps’ theme, or developers can choose from many community-developed MapLibre plugins for more flexibility and advanced visualization options.

Get started with Amplify Geo for JavaScript-based web frameworks like React through an NPM package or for a simple HTML page through script tags today. You can also get started by reading this blog post on how to add a map with markers to your React app.