Posted On: Sep 24, 2021

AWS customers can now use managed Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) with Microsoft Windows Server 2022. With these AMIs, customers can launch Windows Server 2022 and take full advantage of the latest Windows features on AWS. Amazon EC2 makes launching and running Windows Server 2022 easy whether it is for testing and enabling new features in the software, or for scalable adoption of the latest capabilities on compute instances globally.

Amazon creates and manages Microsoft Windows Server 2022 AMIs providing a reliable and quick way to launch Windows Server 2022 on EC2 instances. By running Windows Server 2022 on Amazon EC2 instances, you can experience the improved security, performance and reliability of Windows Server 2022 together with the enterprise focused cloud services on AWS. You can either use the managed stock Windows Server 2022 AMIs or create your own custom AMIs tailored for your requirements from these managed AMIs.

Customers can find and launch instances directly from the Amazon EC2 Console or through API or CLI commands. AMIs and Windows Server can be run with all available pricing options for EC2 instances and are enabled across all Public, GovCloud and China regions of AWS. For more details on getting the best out of AWS EC2 instances running Windows Server 2022 check out the Windows on AWS page and the guide on AWS Windows AMIs.