Posted On: Oct 28, 2021

AWS Marketplace announces Purchase Order Management for SaaS contracts
Today, AWS Marketplace announced Purchase Order Management for SaaS contracts, which allows customers to add purchase order numbers to their AWS invoices for SaaS contracts purchased in AWS Marketplace. Previously, customers could only add one purchase order number across all their AWS Marketplace transactions. Now, customers can add purchase order numbers specific to public and private offers for SaaS contracts when transacting in AWS Marketplace. Purchase order numbers entered in AWS Marketplace appear on corresponding invoices, easing software spend allocation to internal budgets.

Customers can now add their purchase order number in the text box provided on the subscription page for SaaS contracts on AWS Marketplace, including private offers with flexible payment schedules. Customers can see the purchase order number entry in the Purchase Order Management system within AWS Billing and on the AWS invoice generated for the SaaS transaction. Customers now have more granular control over budget allocation for AWS Marketplace transactions, reducing the operational overhead associated with budgeting and spend chargeback calculations when purchasing from AWS Marketplace.

To learn more about Purchase Order Management for SaaS contracts, visit AWS Documentation.