Posted On: Oct 5, 2021

AWS Transfer Family now supports Amazon S3 Access Points, a feature of Amazon S3 that allows you to easily manage granular access to shared data sets. Now, you can use S3 Access Point aliases anywhere an S3 bucket name is used today for shared datasets that are utilized by hundreds of SFTP, FTP, and FTPS users and groups.

AWS Transfer Family provides fully managed file transfers over SFTP, FTPS, and FTP for Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS. You can create hundreds of access points in Amazon S3 for users who have different permissions to access shared data in an Amazon S3 bucket. AWS Transfer Family’s logical directories allow you to map multiple S3 buckets and files to a unified logical namespace for your users. Using AWS Transfer Family’s logical directories combined with S3 Access Points, you can provide granular access for a large set of data without having to manage a single bucket policy that spans hundreds of use cases.

AWS Transfer Family support for S3 Access Points is available in all AWS Regions where AWS Transfer Family is available. To learn more, visit this blog post or read the documentation on S3 Access Points and Access Points aliases.