Posted On: Nov 30, 2021

Amazon Athena users can now use AWS Lake Formation to configure fine-grained access permissions and read from ACID-compliant tables. Amazon Athena makes it simple for users to analyze data in Amazon S3-based data lakes to help ensure that users only have access to data to which they're authorized and that their queries are reliable in the face of changes to the underlying data can be a complex task.

Using Lake Formation Data Filtering, administrators can now grant column-, row-, and cell-level permissions on their Amazon S3 data lake tables that are enforced when Athena users query this data. This means that users are granted access to tables containing sensitive data without requiring course-grained masking that impedes their analyses. Furthermore, with Lake Formation Governed Tables, Athena users can query data while multiple users simultaneously add and delete the table’s Amazon S3 data objects.

There are no additional charges for accessing data configured with Lake Formation security or Governed Tables from Athena but standard rates for data scanned, Lambda usage, and other services apply. For more information on Athena pricing, visit the pricing page.

To get started with Lake formation Governed Tables and fine-grained security, see the Lake Formation Developer Guide and the Data Protection page of the Athena User Guide.