Posted On: Nov 15, 2021

Amazon Connect Customer Profiles now offers a contact block that enables contact center managers to personalize the contact center experience without the need to write code. Using Amazon Connect’s contact flow builder’s graphical user interface and the new Customer Profiles contact block, contact center managers can create personalized experiences that leverage customer information such as name and address. For example, you can play a personalized greeting by using the customer name from the Customer Profiles block or route customers to different queues based on their address. The new flow block also enables you to update customer information using inputs customer provide, helping you keep profiles up to date with the latest customer information.

Customer Profiles is a feature of Amazon Connect that makes it simple to bring together customer information (e.g., contact information, contact history, purchase history) from multiple applications into a unified customer profile, delivering the profile directly to the agent as soon as they begin interacting with the customer. To learn more about Amazon Connect Customer Profiles please visit our website.