Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

Today, we are announcing the public preview of a new feature that allows you to use AWS Chatbot to manage AWS resources and remediate issues in AWS workloads by running AWS CLI commands from Slack channels. Previously, you could only monitor AWS resources and retrieve diagnostic information using AWS Chatbot.

With this feature, customers can manage AWS resources directly from their Slack channels. Customers can securely run AWS CLI commands to scale EC2 instances, run AWS Systems Manager runbooks, and change AWS Lambda concurrency limits. Customers can now monitor, operate, and troubleshoot AWS workloads from Slack channels without switching context between Slack and other AWS Management Tools. Additionally, you can configure channel permissions to match your security and compliance needs by modifying account-level settings, using predefined permission templates, and using guardrail policies.

You can use AWS Chatbot in any commercial AWS Region. Please refer to the Regional Product and Services table for details about AWS Chatbot availability. Visit the product page to explore more about AWS resource management using AWS CLI commands in the AWS Chatbot.