Posted On: Nov 11, 2021

AWS CloudTrail announces CloudTrail error rate Insights, a new feature of CloudTrail Insights that enables customers to identify unusual activity in their AWS account based on API error codes and their rate.

Error rate Insights work by building a baseline statistical model of normal operating patterns for an API. By comparing actual error rates to the model, it can notify customers of error rate spikes, so customers can take remedial actions such as updating permissions or raising resource limits.

Error rate Insights work without customers having to configure thresholds or understand advanced statistical techniques. By giving customers the ability to identify issues before they impact end users, error rate Insights continue to build on CloudTrail Insights' log analytics capabilities.

You can enable error rate Insights across your AWS organization or in individual AWS accounts with a few clicks from within the CloudTrail console. You can also enable error rate Insights from the AWS CLI. CloudTrail error rate Insights is available in all regions where AWS CloudTrail is available, except for regions in China. To get started with CloudTrail Insights, see our documentation.

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