Posted On: Nov 23, 2021

AWS Lambda now supports partial batch response for SQS as an event source. With this feature, when messages on an SQS queue fail to process, Lambda marks a batch of records in a message queue as partially successful and allows reprocessing of only the failed records. By processing information at a record-level instead of batch-level, AWS Lambda has removed the need of repetitive data transfer, increasing throughput and making Amazon SQS message queue processing more efficient. 

Until now, a batch being processed through SQS polling would either be completely successful, in which case the records would be deleted from the SQS queue, or would completely fail, and the records would be kept on the queue to be reprocessed after a ‘visibility timeout’ period. The Partial Batch Response feature an SQS queue will only retain those records which could not be successfully processed, improving processing performance.

This feature is available for both standard and FIFO SQS queues, in all commercial regions that AWS Lambda is available in. There are no additional charges for using this feature beyond the standard Lambda price for Lambda.

To learn more about Partial Batch Responses, refer to the documentation on using AWS Lambda with SQS.