Posted On: Nov 29, 2021

Ready to fast-track application refactoring? AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces is the new starting point for incremental app refactor that makes it easy to manage the refactor process while operating in production. Using Refactor Spaces, customers focus on the refactor of their applications, and not the creation and management of the underlying infrastructure that makes refactoring possible. This new Migration Hub feature reduces the business risk of evolving applications into microservices or extending existing applications with new features written in microservices. Refactor Spaces orchestrates AWS services across multiple accounts to create a refactor environment for incrementally evolving an application that helps customers realize value earlier.

Migration Hub Refactor Spaces simplifies application refactoring by:

  • Reducing the time to setup a refactor environment 
  • Reducing the complexity for iteratively extracting capabilities as new microservices and re-routing traffic from old to new (Strangler Fig Pattern).
  • Simplifying management of existing apps and microservices as a single application with flexible routing control, isolation, and centralized management.
  • Helping dev teams achieve and accelerate tech and deployment independence by simplifying development, management, and operations while apps are changing

To learn more visit the AWS Migration Hub and start refactoring your applications in AWS today.