Posted On: Nov 16, 2021

Amazon Athena’s redesigned console is now generally available in all AWS commercial and GovCloud regions where Athena is available. The new and improved console brings a modern, more personalized experience to all of the features you enjoy in the current console and includes several new features which make analyzing data with Athena more powerful and productive.

When using Athena’s new console, you’ll benefit from new features that improve the experience of developing queries, analyzing data, and managing your usage. You can now:

  • Rearrange, navigate to, or close multiple query tabs from a redesigned query tab bar.
  • Read and edit queries more easily with an improved SQL formatter and new text formatting themes.
  • Copy query results to your clipboard in addition to downloading the full result set.
  • Sort your query history, saved queries, and workgroups and choose which columns to show or hide.
  • Use a simplified interface to configure data sources and workgroups in fewer clicks.
  • Set preferences for displaying query results, query history, line wrapping, and more.
  • Increase your productivity with new and improved keyboard shortcuts and embedded product documentation.

With today’s announcement, the new and improved console is now the default console experience. If desired, you may use the earlier console until further announced. To switch to the earlier console, log into your AWS account, choose Amazon Athena, and deselect New Athena experience from the navigation panel on the left.

To access the numerous enhancements of the new Athena console, log into your AWS account today and navigate to Amazon Athena. And, tell us about your experience by clicking Feedback in the bottom-left corner of the console.