Posted On: Dec 21, 2021

Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Oracle now supports additional use cases for Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN). CMAN is a proxy server that forwards connection requests to database servers or other proxy servers.

The primary functions of Oracle Connection Manager are access control and session multiplexing. CMAN allows rule-based Access Control configuration to filter out user-specified client requests. This allows CMAN to reject connections from unknown clients. CMAN is used to configure session multiplexing by funneling multiple client sessions through a network connection to a shared server destination. Session multiplexing in CMAN reduces operating system and network resource requirements by minimizing the number of network connections made to a server.

CMAN supports all supported versions of Oracle Database Enterprise Edition (EE). To learn more about how to configure Oracle Connection Manager (CMAN), please refer to Configuring CMAN documentation.

Amazon RDS for Oracle makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale Oracle Database deployments in the cloud. See Amazon RDS for Oracle Database Pricing for regional availability.