Posted On: Dec 2, 2021

Today we are announcing the general availability of Construct Hub, a registry of open-source construct libraries for simplifying cloud development. Constructs are reusable building blocks of the Cloud Development Kits (CDKs). Discover and share CDK constructs for the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK)CDK for Kubernetes (CDK8s) and CDK for Terraform (CDKtf) and other construct-based tools.

You can find construct libraries published by the community, AWS and cloud service providers that solve for your use case: monitoring, containers, serverless, databases, utilities, deployment, websites, security, compliance, network, artificial intelligence (AI), cloud service integrations and more. Each library includes documentation, API reference and code samples in TypeScript, Python, Java and .NET. You can also find installation instructions for each programming language, dependency list, number of downloads, licensing information, and helpful links.