Posted On: Jan 25, 2022

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP now enables you to increase your SSD storage capacity with the click of a button, making it even quicker and easier to meet your evolving storage needs over time. 

FSx for ONTAP file systems have two storage tiers: primary storage and capacity pool storage. Primary storage is provisioned, high-performance SSD storage for the active or latency-sensitive portion of your data set. Capacity pool storage is a fully elastic storage tier that can scale to petabytes in size and is cost-optimized for the infrequently-accessed portion of your data. Starting today, you can grow your SSD storage capacity for the active portion of your data.

You can grow the SSD storage capacity of new and existing FSx for ONTAP file systems created on or after December 9th, 2021 in all AWS regions where FSx for ONTAP is available. File systems created before December 9th, 2021 will get this support during an upcoming weekly maintenance window. Learn more about how and when to grow your SSD storage capacity in the Amazon FSx documentation