Posted On: Jan 21, 2022

AWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations can now recommend Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL to customers looking to migrate and replatform their Microsoft SQL Server applications on PostgreSQL with little to no code change.

AWS Migration Hub Strategy Recommendations helps you build a migration and modernization strategy for your applications running on premises or in AWS. Strategy Recommendations automates the manual process of analyzing your servers - and the applications and databases running on those servers - to reduce the time and effort spent on planning application migration and modernization, and accelerate your business transformation on AWS.

With the additional recommendation for Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, customers can plan on migrating and replatforming their legacy SQL Server databases on PostgreSQL without needing to make changes to the application itself. With Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL, the effort required to modify and move applications running on SQL Server 2005 or newer to Aurora is reduced, leading to faster, lower-risk, and more cost-effective migrations.

Babelfish is a built-in capability of Amazon Aurora, and does not have an additional cost. You can enable Babelfish on your Amazon Aurora cluster with a just few clicks in the Amazon RDS management console.