Posted On: Jan 31, 2022

AWS Step Functions Local, a runtime for debugging and testing state machine based workflows locally, is now designed to support mocking for service integrations, allowing you to run state machines without the need to call downstream services.

AWS Step Functions is a visual workflow service capable of orchestrating over 9,000 API actions from over 200 AWS services. Step Functions Local is a downloadable version of Step Functions that is designed to enable you to run, debug, and test state machines without leaving your development environment. Now, with Step Functions Local, you can mock the responses from your service integrations, helping save time and lower development efforts when building state machines.

Step Functions Local now supports all 200+ AWS services supported by the AWS SDK, along with Step Functions' optimized service integrations. You can choose whether to mock or call services while testing the decision logic, error handling, and data transformations within your state machines. You can also create multiple mocks per state to test the logic that handles errors, such as retry and catch statements.

To get started with Step Functions Local, download the runtime as either a Docker image or executable JAVA .jar format. Step Functions Local is not region dependent, but does require the AWS CLI to be setup on your local host. To learn more about mocking for Step Functions Local, read the launch blog and the Developer Guide