Posted On: Jan 13, 2022

Today, AWS Systems Manager announces support for categorizing Amazon owned Command documents for easy discoverability. AWS Systems Manager is the operational hub for AWS, that provides a unified user interface to track and resolve operational issues across AWS applications from a central place. An AWS Systems Manager document (SSM document) defines the actions that Systems Manager performs on your managed nodes.

Starting today, customers can use Command document categories from Document console as well as through SDK and CLI. System Manager Automation console already supports categories for Automation runbooks and now they can also be accessed through SDK and CLI. AWS Systems Manager uses different types of documents for use with various Systems Manager features such as Run Command, Automation among many others. Command documents are used by Run Command. Run Command is a capability of AWS Systems Manager that enables you to remotely and securely manage the configuration of your managed nodes. Automation runbooks are used by Automation, which allows IT administrators to define common tasks as a collection of steps in an SSM document, and execute them on a collection of AWS resources at scale. 

For more information about document categories, visit the AWS Systems Manager product page and documentation.