Posted On: Jan 27, 2022

You can now access five new metrics when using AWS PrivateLink for VPC Endpoints and VPC Endpoint Services. AWS PrivateLink is a fully-managed private connectivity service that enables customers to access AWS services, third-party services or internal enterprise services hosted on AWS in a secure and scalable manner while keeping network traffic private. 

As a PrivateLink Endpoint owner, you can use metrics to track traffic volume and number of connections through your endpoints, monitor packet drops, and view connection resets (RSTs) by the service. If you are an Endpoint Service owner, you will also have visibility into the number of bytes, connections and resets (RSTs) for your Endpoint Service. In addition, service owners can also track the total number of endpoints connected to their service, and view metrics per connected-endpoint. By default, metrics are published at 1-minute intervals for all PrivateLink-based Endpoints and Endpoint Services. You do not have to pay any extra charges.

Metrics can be accessed from the CLI, and viewed on the CloudWatch console under the “PrivateLinkEndpoints” and “PrivateLinkServices” namespaces as well as on the VPC Console under the Monitoring tabs for Endpoints and Endpoint Services. Metrics are available in all public AWS Regions and GovCloud Regions except Asia Pacific (Jakarta). To learn more, visit AWS Privatelink in Amazon VPC Developer Guide.