Posted On: Mar 30, 2022

Now you can easily set up monitoring, alarms and dashboards for many of your resources and workloads automatically in CloudWatch. The new one-click option on the CloudWatch Getting Started page provides customers a convenient means to launch CloudWatch Application Insights. Once launched, Application Insights will discover the underlying resources in your account or Resource Group and set up the recommended metrics, logs and alarms to monitor their health.

To get started, go to the CloudWatch console. If you haven’t set up any alarms or applications yet, then just below the Get started with CloudWatch cards you will find a new section, Get started with Application Insights. When you click on the Configure Application Insights button, the service will set up monitoring and create a widget in the Home Page along with dashboards that display alerts and problems. If you have already set up alarms, then you will the alarms as you normally would.

Amazon CloudWatch is available in all AWS commercial regions and the Application Insights automatic set up is available for no additional charge. Depending on setup, you may incur charges for Amazon CloudWatch monitoring resources. For more information about pricing, see Amazon CloudWatch Pricing. To learn more about CloudWatch Application Insights visit our service page.