Posted On: Mar 9, 2022

Amazon Elastic Container Services (Amazon ECS) now supports updating Elastic Load Balancers, Service Registries, Tag Propagation, and ECS Managed Tags for an existing ECS service. The added flexibility makes it easier for customers to update their Amazon ECS service configurations, without having to recreate their services, thus reducing operational overhead and potential service disruption.

Amazon ECS supports updating service parameter configuration programmatically via UpdateService API or through the AWS Management console. Previously, customers could configure the following parameters only at the time of service creation and could not update them thereafter: loadBalancers, propagateTags, enableECSManagedTags, and serviceRegistries. To update these parameters, customers needed to recreate or replace their ECS service with a new version of the service created with these parameters configured. This resulted in potential service disruption and operational overhead for spinning up a new service and switching traffic to it. Today, we are announcing support for these parameters in the Amazon ECS Update Service API, which makes updating ECS services a hassle-free experience. Customers can thus easily perform functions such as enforcing their tagging policies on ECS tasks for cost allocation or resource organization purposes by simply updating the propagateTags parameter on their existing ECS service.

Support for additional parameters in Amazon ECS Update Service API is now available across all AWS Regions using AWS Copilot CLI, AWS CloudFormation, AWS SDK, and AWS CLI. To learn more, please see API reference documentation.