Posted On: Mar 2, 2022

With the introduction of LZ4 data compression, you can now choose from two different compression options on Amazon FSx for OpenZFS file systems. LZ4 provides another highly popular performance-optimized compression option (in addition to Z-Standard) to help you optimize storage efficiency and performance based on the needs of your individual workloads.

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS provides fully managed, cost-effective, shared file storage powered by the popular OpenZFS file system. It offers powerful storage efficiency capabilities like data compression, enabling you to reduce storage consumption of the data in both your file system and your file system backups. Until today, FSx for OpenZFS file systems only supported Z-Standard compression, which is optimized for the highest levels of storage efficiency and is well-suited for a broad set of general purpose workloads. Now, you can also choose LZ4 data compression, which is optimized for delivering higher levels of write throughput for your performance-intensive write-heavy workloads.

Starting today, you can enable data compression and choose LZ4 as the compression algorithm using the AWS Console, AWS CLI, or FSx API. It is supported in all regions where FSx for OpenZFS is available and at no additional cost. See the Amazon FSx documentation for more information on this new option, as well as guidance on when you should use LZ4 or Z-Standard data compression.