Posted On: Apr 28, 2022

Today, AWS announced the general availability of Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events, a fully managed service for camera manufacturers and service providers that uses machine learning (ML) to detect objects such as people, pets, and packages in live video streams from connected cameras. Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events sends them a notification as soon as the desired object is detected in the live video stream. With these event notifications, service providers can send timely and actionable smart alerts to their users such as “Pet detected in the backyard,” enable home automation experiences such as turning on garage lights when a person is detected, build custom in-app experiences such as a smart search to find specific video events of packages without scrolling through hours of footage, or integrate these alerts with Echo devices for Alexa announcements such as “A package was detected at the front door” when the doorbell detects a delivery person dropping off a package – all while keeping cost and latency low. Learn more about Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events.

Many camera manufacturers and security service providers offer home security solutions that include doorbells, indoor and outdoor cameras, and value-added notification services to help their users understand what is happening on their property. Cameras with built-in motion detectors are placed at entry or exit points of the home to notify users of any activity in real time, such as “Motion detected in the backyard.” However, motion detectors are noisy, can be set off by innocuous events like wind and rain, creating notification fatigue, and resulting in clunky home automation setup. Building the right user experience for smart alerts, search, or even browsing video clips requires ML and automation that is hard to get right and can be expensive.

Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events lowers the costs of value-added video analytics by providing a low-cost, low-latency, fully managed ML service that can detect objects (such as people, pets, and packages) in real time on video streams from connected cameras. The service starts analyzing the video clip only when a motion event is triggered by the camera and sends a notification as soon as the desired object is detected. Visit the Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events developer guide to learn more.

AWS customers such as Abode Systems and 3xLOGIC are using Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events to innovate and add intelligent video analytics to their security solutions and modernize their offering without having to invest in new hardware or develop and maintain custom computer vision analytics. The proliferation of cameras and streaming video technology is just beginning, and managed computer vision services like Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events is paving the way for highly accurate, low cost, and scalable new smart video streaming analytics. To get started visit Amazon Rekognition Streaming Video Events

Amazon Rekognition Video Streaming Events is generally available to AWS customers in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), and Europe (Ireland) regions with availability in additional regions in the coming months.