Posted On: Apr 14, 2022

Amazon AppStream 2.0 announces session scripts for Elastic fleets. Amazon AppStream 2.0 Elastic fleets help customers remove capacity management tasks and reduce costs. Starting today, AppStream 2.0 Elastic fleets provides on-instance session scripts. These scripts simplify common scenarios for AppStream 2.0 Elastic fleets administrators. You can use these scripts to run your own custom actions when specific events occur in users' streaming sessions, for example, custom actions that execute before a user's session starts and/or after session ends. Before the session begins, you can easily configure applications and streaming environments, as well as perform tasks such as collecting application logs, monitoring session information during the session, and application cleanup before the session ends. Session scripts are already available on AppStream 2.0 Always-On and On-Demand fleets. To get started building your own session scripts for Elastic fleets, see Use Session Scripts to Manage Your AppStream 2.0 Users' Streaming Experience Session.

The session scripts feature for Elastic fleets is available at no additional charge in all AWS Regions where AppStream 2.0 is offered. AppStream 2.0 offers pay-as-you-go pricing. Please see Amazon AppStream 2.0 Pricing for more information.