Posted On: Apr 21, 2022

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS) now supports using the Amazon EKS console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and EKS API to install and manage the AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry (ADOT) Operator. This launch enables a simplified experience for instrumenting your applications running on Amazon EKS to send metrics and traces to multiple monitoring services including AWS X-Ray, Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus, and Amazon CloudWatch

ADOT is designed as a secure, production-ready, AWS-supported distribution of the OpenTelemetry project, which provides open source APIs, libraries, and agents to collect distributed traces and metrics for application and cluster infrastructure monitoring. The ADOT Operator is an implementation of the Kubernetes Operator. The ADOT Operator manages collection agents that receive, process, and export telemetry data in multiple data formats to open source and vendor-service backends. With this launch, the ADOT Operator can now be installed, managed, and updated directly through the EKS Console, AWS CLI and EKS API. You can see available add-ons and compatible versions in the EKS API, select the version of the add-on you want to run on your cluster, and configure key settings such as the IAM role used by the add-on when it runs. Using EKS add-ons you can go from cluster creation to running applications in a single command and easily keep tooling in your cluster up to date.

To learn more and get started, visit the Amazon EKS documentation