Posted On: May 31, 2022

AWS Well-Architected Tool now features direct access to AWS re:Post, a community-driven, questions-and-answers service designed to help AWS customers remove technical roadblocks, accelerate innovation, and enhance operation. AWS re:Post has 40+ topics including a community specific to AWS Well-Architected.

To get started, from AWS Well-Architected Tool select “Ask an Expert” and access the AWS re:Post community dedicated to AWS Well-Architected. In this community, customers can ask questions related to designing, building, deploying, and operating workloads on AWS. During workload reviews with the AWS Well-Architected Tool, customers can reference AWS re:Post for questions related to specific topics, or ask questions to start a discussion and get answers. The re:Post community includes AWS customers, partners, and employees. The topics and posts within this community are monitored by AWS Well-Architected subject matter experts.

This new functionality is available to customers and AWS Partners at no additional charge in the AWS Management Console and is offered in all Regions where AWS Well-Architected Tool is available.  The AWS Well-Architected Tool is designed to help you review the state of your applications and workloads, and provides a central place for architectural best practices and tools to improve decision-making, minimize risks, and reduce costs. To learn more about AWS Well-Architected Tool, visit the Documentation and Product Page. To engage with an AWS Well-Architected Partner visit the AWS Partner Solution Finder.