Posted On: Jun 1, 2022

Today, we are announcing support for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Dedicated Hosts on AWS Outposts, which makes it easier for customers to bring their existing software licenses and workloads that require a dedicated physical server to their Outpost Racks. In addition, customers now have greater flexibility in instance type deployment and more granular placement control, all with consistent hybrid experience on AWS Outposts.

Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts allow customers to use their eligible software licenses that are bound to VMs, sockets, or physical cores on EC2 instances, so that customers get the flexibility and cost effectiveness of using their own licenses. While Outposts has always been a single tenant environment eligible for Bring Your Own License (BYOL) workloads, Dedicated Hosts allows customers to limit licenses to a single host as opposed to the entire Outpost.

Dedicated Hosts on Outposts is also launching with multiple instance type support. When this support is selected, the Dedicated Host is able to launch different instance types (instance sizes) in the selected instance family. Instances can be launched without pre-planning the configuration of instance types, and utilization of the host can be monitored via the Amazon EC2 Dedicated Hosts console and API. Customers can launch instances onto a specific Dedicated Host or let Amazon EC2 place the instances automatically across Dedicated Hosts that they have configured on their Outpost. Controlling instance placement allows customers to address resiliency needs of mission critical applications. Dedicated Hosts can be shared using AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM), which allows Outposts owners to distribute AWS accounts within their organization onto distinct hardware.

Dedicated Hosts on Outposts are available for all Amazon EC2 instances available on Outposts and in all AWS Regions where Outposts Rack is supported. The support for Dedicated Hosts on Outposts is available at no additional cost. To learn more about Dedicated Hosts, visit the EC2 Documentation. To learn more about AWS Outposts, visit this product page or the Outposts documentation.