Posted On: Jun 21, 2022

Anyone can now search and find publicly available data sets on AWS Data Exchange along with more than 3,000 existing data products from category-leading data providers across industries, all in one place.

Researchers and data enthusiasts can now find on AWS Data Exchange more than 100 petabytes of high-value, cloud-optimized data sets available for public use from leading organizations such as NOAA, NASA, or the UK Met Office. These include open data sets hosted by the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program and in the Amazon Sustainability Data Initiative (ASDI) catalog, which aims to accelerate sustainability research and innovation by minimizing the cost and time required to acquire and analyze large sustainability data sets.

Once on AWS Data Exchange, you can explore the data catalog to find open data sets, along with other no-cost and paid products, all in one place to reduce time and without needing an AWS account. You can filter on the affiliated program of your choice to view data products part of the AWS Open Data Sponsorship Program or ASDI.

To get started, visit AWS Data Exchange to find publicly available data sets.