When data is shared on AWS, anyone can analyze it and build services on top of it using a broad range of compute and data analytics products, including Amazon EC2, Amazon Athena, AWS Lambda, and Amazon EMR. Sharing data in the cloud lets data users spend more time on data analysis rather than data acquisition.

The Registry of Open Data on AWS makes it easy to find datasets made publicly available through AWS services.

Browse available data and learn how to register your own datasets at: https://registry.opendata.aws

AWS Public Datasets: Unlocking the potential of open data in the cloud

Examples of how data shared on AWS is accelerating research and creation of new applications.


When you share data on AWS, you make it available to a large and growing community of developers, startups, and enterprises around the world. 


In AWS, tools to analyze data are only ever a click away, which means you reduce the time it takes for people to start working with your data. 


The AWS Cloud expands daily, and data shared on AWS becomes more useful as new features and services are released.


Researchers can analyze data shared on AWS without needing to pay to store their own copy. They only pay for the compute they use, and do not need to purchase storage to start a project.

The AWS Public Dataset Program covers the cost of storage for publicly available high-value cloud-optimized datasets. We work with data providers who seek to:

  • Democratize access to data by making it available for analysis on AWS.
  • Develop new cloud-native techniques, formats, and tools that lower the cost of working with data.
  • Encourage the development of communities that benefit from access to shared datasets.

Learn how to propose your dataset to the AWS Public Dataset Program.