Posted On: Jun 8, 2022

AWS Application Migration Service is announcing support for new automated application modernizations. AWS Application Migration Service allows you to quickly rehost applications on AWS. It automatically converts your source servers from physical, virtual, or cloud infrastructure to run natively on AWS.

You can now use AWS Application Migration Service to configure application modernizations in the AWS Management Console before you migrate your servers. The modernizations will then be automatically applied to your migrated servers. The following post-migration modernization features are now supported:

  • Convert CentOS to Rocky Linux distribution. When you migrate using this feature, AWS Application Migration Service replicates your source server to an Amazon EC2 instance and converts the operating system from CentOS to Rocky Linux.
  • Change SUSE subscription to AWS-provided SUSE subscription. When you choose this feature, you can simplify billing and subscription maintenance for your migrated SUSE servers, by allowing AWS to manage these activities.
  • Configure disaster recovery on migrated servers. This simplifies the setup of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) on your migrated servers. AWS DRS helps increase resilience by allowing you to quickly recover applications in a different AWS Region after unexpected events.

In addition to these modernization features, AWS Application Migration Service now supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 Service Packs 1, 2, and later.

Starting today, these new modernization features are available in all of the AWS Regions where AWS Application Migration Service is supported. Access the AWS Regional Services List for the most up-to-date availability information.

To start using Application Migration Service for free, sign in through the AWS Management Console. For more information, visit the Application Migration Service product page or documentation.