Posted On: Jun 20, 2022

Starting today, the AWS Bills page has a re-designed user experience, making it easier to understand your AWS spend. The Bills page provides an overview of your AWS charges and the ability to drill into key details; the re-design provides a refreshed user interface, new views of your savings and taxes, and enhanced sorting and filtering capabilities.

The re-designed Bills page makes it easier to understand the usage amounts, prices, and discounts that comprise your AWS charges. Drill in by service, Region, or usage type (such as instance type, request type, or database engine) to view the details of your charges. New sorting and filtering capabilities make it easier to find the exact information you’re looking for, and new views make it easier to understand your savings and taxes. You can download invoice documents for your records or export a CSV file for additional analysis. For users of AWS Organizations, you can view aggregated charges for your Organization or view charges by member account. For users of AWS Billing Conductor, the AWS Bills page provides pro forma data to member accounts and the primary accounts of a billing group; management accounts can toggle between chargeable and pro forma data views.