Posted On: Jun 1, 2022

We are excited to announce that AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS) has added support for multiple staging and target accounts. Today you can replicate and protect up to 300 source servers per AWS Region. By using multiple staging and target accounts, you can now also recover up to 3,000 replicating source servers into any target AWS account. This feature makes disaster recovery setup, implementation, and monitoring easier and more efficient, especially for large-scale projects.

You can use multiple staging and target accounts to separate your staging accounts (where replication is managed) from your target accounts (where you can recover your source servers). With the new capability, you can recover source servers from multiple staging accounts into a single AWS target account. This provides a separation that can be useful for many purposes, including security, billing, and project management. You can also recover any single source server into multiple target accounts, and this can be used for many purposes, including testing, sandboxing, development, and production.

Elastic Disaster Recovery is the recommended service for disaster recovery to AWS. It minimizes downtime and data loss with fast, reliable recovery of on-premises and cloud-based applications using affordable storage, minimal compute, and point-in-time recovery. With Elastic Disaster Recovery, you can recover your applications on AWS from physical infrastructure, VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, and cloud infrastructure. You can also use Elastic Disaster Recovery to recover Amazon EC2 instances in a different AWS Region.

Multiple staging accounts are now available in all Regions where Elastic Disaster Recovery is available.

Learn more about multiple staging accounts in the Elastic Disaster Recovery User Guide. For an overview of Elastic Disaster Recovery, visit our product page. To get started, sign in to the Elastic Disaster Recovery console.