Posted On: Jun 30, 2022

The AWS Serverless Application Model (SAM) announces general availability of AWS SAM Accelerate. The AWS SAM Command Line Interface (CLI) is a developer tool that makes it easier to build, locally test, package, and deploy serverless applications. AWS SAM Accelerate is a new capability of AWS SAM CLI that makes it easier for developers to test code changes against a cloud-based environment, reducing the time from local iteration to production-readiness.

AWS SAM Accelerate allows developers to bring their rapid iteration workflows to serverless application development, achieving the same levels of productivity they're used to when testing locally, while testing against a realistic application environment in the cloud. AWS SAM Accelerate synchronizes infrastructure and code changes on a developer's local workspace with a cloud environment in near real time: code changes are updated in seconds in AWS Lambda; API definition changes in Amazon API Gateway; state machine updates to AWS Step Functions; and infrastructure changes are deployed via infrastructure-as-code tooling such as CloudFormation. AWS SAM Accelerate also supports synchronizing resources defined in CloudFormation Nested Stacks.

To learn more about SAM Accelerate, please read details in the documentation. To get started, you can install the SAM CLI by following the instructions in the documentation.