Posted On: Jul 15, 2022

We are excited to announce the general availability of AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript, an open-source developer library to help you incorporate Well-Architected Serverless best practices into your Lambda function code as early and as fast as possible.

In this release, Lambda Powertools for TypeScript focuses on three observability features: distributed tracing (Tracer), structured logging (Logger), and asynchronous business and application metrics (Metrics). Developers can use Lambda Powertools for TypeScript to adopt these practices in mere seconds. By providing abstractions on top of the AWS SDK and multiple AWS services, Powertools increases developer's productivity by streamlining the adoption of best practices defined in the AWS Well-Architected Serverless Lens.

Lambda Powertools for TypeScript is used when developing code for Lambda’s Node.js runtimes. These runtimes are available in all Regions where Lambda is available. Powertools is also available in the Python and Java programming languages.

To learn more about the new Lambda Powertools for TypeScript, see the blog post Simplifying serverless best practices with AWS Lambda Powertools for TypeScript. You can submit feedback, ideas, and issues directly on our GitHub project.