Posted On: Aug 18, 2022

Amazon Chime SDK announces the release of concatenation that helps makes it easy to create a single file by concatenating media chunks including audio, video, content, and transcriptions created by Amazon Chime SDK media capture. Amazon Chime SDK enables multi-party video sessions by letting developers add real-time voice and video to their web and mobile apps. With concatenation, customers can create a single file from a multi-party video session that includes audio, individual or composited video, content, and transcriptions.

Customers want to capture media from Amazon Chime SDK sessions for several use cases including archival for compliance purposes, on-demand playback, or generating additional insights using machine learning services. For these use cases, customers need a single file with one or multiple attendees, accompanying audio, and any content shared. However to create a single file from a WebRTC video session, customers needs to write custom code and manage infrastructure. Concatenation from Amazon Chime SDK helps makes it easier to create a single file by concatenating media chunks from either an individual attendee’s video stream or composited chunks with multiple media streams.

Developers can create a single file with media from a WebRTC video session by using Amazon Chime SDK media capture in conjunction with concatenation. Developers can create files that include media from a WebRTC session such as combined audio, individual video, content share, and composited video. Developers can specify the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket to store the file.

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