Posted On: Aug 17, 2022

Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 , a free web-based tool for data exploration and analysis using SQL, is now enhanced with additional ease of use and security capabilities. Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 simplifies the process for admins and end-users to connect Amazon Redshift clusters using their Identity Provider(IdP). As an administrator, you now can integrate your Identity Provider(IdP) with Amazon AWS console to access the Query Editor v2 as a federated user. You need to configure your identity provider (IdP) to pass in database user and (optionally) database groups by adding specific principal tags as SAML attributes.

Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 supports running multiple queries concurrently. You can now run parallel queries while they are performing specific tasks, such as copying large files to a table, or executing long running queries.

In addition to the above enhancements, as an administrator, you can now change global settings in Query Editor such as limiting the rows displayed per page, maximum database connections per user, enable/disable export result sets feature by users in your account and set the limit size displayed in the editor with limit switch. With this release, Amazon Redshift Query editor v2 also provides a simpler way for admins to check current KMS key ARN using account settings.

These new enhancements in Query Editor v2 are available in all AWS commercial regions. To learn more, see the documentation.