Posted On: Aug 3, 2022

Amazon Lookout for Metrics uses machine learning (ML) to automatically monitor the metrics critical to your businesses with greater speed and accuracy than traditional methods used for anomaly detection. The service makes it easier to diagnose the root cause of anomalies such as unexpected dips in revenue, high rates of abandoned shopping carts, spikes in payment transaction failures, increases in new user sign-ups, and many more.

AWS Lookout for Metrics announces the increased in fixed quota from 50,000 to 500,000 metrics for you to ingest large dataset for anomaly detection and root cause analysis. Increase in fixed quota for 1 hour and 1 day detector will reduce the need to create multiple detectors and manually splitting the data before ingestion. You can request for the increased limits via submitting the form. The increased limits (after request is processed) will be reflected in your accounts automatically.

Starting today increased quota for Lookout for Metrics is available in all regions where Amazon Lookout for Metrics is supported. For more information about Region availability, see AWS Regional Services.