Posted On: Aug 11, 2022

Today, we are announcing the general availability of AWS Private 5G, a managed service that helps enterprises set up and scale private mobile networks in their facilities in days instead of months. With only a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, you can specify where to build a mobile network and the number of devices you want to connect. AWS then delivers and maintains the small cell radio unit, the mobile network core and radio access network (RAN) software, and subscriber identity modules (SIM cards) required to set up a private mobile network and connect devices. AWS Private 5G automates the setup and deployment of the network. No upfront fees or per-device costs are incurred with AWS Private 5G, and you pay only for the network capacity that you request.

Increased video content, new applications that require ultra-low latency connectivity to end-user devices, and thousands of smart IoT devices demand extended coverage, more capacity, better reliability, and robust security and access control. Enterprises want to build their own private mobile networks to address these limitations. However, private mobile network deployments require enterprises to invest considerable time, money, and effort to design their network for anticipated peak capacity and procure and integrate software and hardware components from multiple vendors. Even if enterprises are able to get the network running, current private mobile network pricing models charge for each connected device that makes it cost prohibitive for use cases that involve thousands of connected devices. AWS Private 5G simplifies the procurement and deployment so that you can deploy your own private mobile network within days instead of months, scale up and down the number of connected devices rapidly, and benefit from a familiar on-demand cloud pricing model.

AWS Private 5G is currently available in the following AWS Regions: US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), and US West (Oregon).

To learn more, see Jeff Barr Blog.

To get started, from the AWS Private 5G console, place an order for your network. Specify the number of SIMs that you need based on the number of devices you want to connect. When the hardware arrives at your location, attach power and internet connectivity to the small-cell radio unit, acknowledge the hardware receipt, and complete the small-cell registration process with the Spectrum Access System (SAS) service in the AWS Private 5G console.