Posted On: Sep 21, 2022

Amazon CloudWatch Evidently adds support for Client Side Evaluations (CSE) for AWS Lambda, powered by AWS AppConfig. Evidently is an application performance monitoring (APM) capability that makes it easier for customers to introduce experiments and launches in their application code. Powered by AppConfig Extensions, Evidently CSE allows application developers to generate feature-evaluations in single-digit milliseconds from within their own Lambda functions. AWS AppConfig, a capability of AWS Systems Manager, allows customers to configure, validate, and deploy feature flags to more safely and quickly update application behavior.

Evidently CSE enables application developers to more safely validate changes, gradually release new features, and to generate individual feature-evaluations for each of their distinct users with minimal latency impacts to their end users of their application. Evidently CSE automatically syncs the latest resources from the Evidently service, ensuring client-side feature-evaluation decisions are always made using the latest data. Evidently CSE also buffers data and asynchronously uploads launches and experiments data in batches to prevent any additional latency impact to Lambda functions.