Posted On: Sep 7, 2022

We are excited to announce that you can now add up to 10 measures and 10 dimensions when setting up your detector for Amazon Lookout for Metrics. With this launch you can now include more measures and dimensions in a single detector, which allows you to get insights on root causes and causality across all the measures and dimensions that you have selected.

Amazon Lookout for Metrics uses machine learning (ML) to automatically monitor the metrics that are most important to businesses with greater speed and accuracy than traditional methods used for anomaly detection. The service also makes it easier to diagnose the root cause of anomalies like unexpected dips in revenue, high rates of abandoned shopping carts, spikes in payment transaction failures, increases in new user sign-ups, and many more.

Measures are the numerical values that you want to detect anomalies on, and dimensions are the categorical information that is associated with the measures. For example, a measure can be revenue numbers, churn rate, or error count rates in your application; and a dimension can be different store locations, types of products, or different resources you are monitoring your error count rates on.

To learn more about this capability, see our documentation page. You can use this capability in all Regions where Amazon Lookout for Metrics is publicly available. For more information about Region availability, see AWS Regional Services.