Posted On: Sep 27, 2022

Starting today, you can create budgets using a simplified 1-click workflow for common budgeting scenarios as well as take step-by-step tutorials to learn about creating different kinds of budgets. AWS Budgets helps you track against expected spend by sending alerts when your cost and usage exceeds (or is forecasted to exceed) thresholds you define, or when your Reserved Instances and Savings Plans' utilization and/or coverage rate drops below a threshold. 1-click templates and tutorials are intended for new and existing users seeking guidance on what budgets they can set to control costs in AWS.

With this launch, you can now choose from three templates: 1/ Zero spend budget, 2/ Monthly cost budget, and 3/ Daily Savings Plans coverage budget. We’ve also provided tutorials on how to use each template that are available in the info panel on the right side of the AWS Budgets console. Using the “Create a monthly budget (simplified)” tutorial, you can step through the “Monthly cost budget” template experience to help you learn how to create monthly budgets quickly. The simplified experience provides suggestions on how to use AWS Budgets to automate monitoring of your Savings Plans coverage on a daily basis which helps you save money by alerting you when drops occur. In this scenario, you might consider purchasing a new Savings Plan to cover the eligible compute or SageMaker usage. AWS Budgets 1-Click Templates and Tutorials are generally available in all public AWS Regions.

To get started with AWS Budgets 1-Click Templates and Tutorials, see the following list of resources: